Prayers For Healing: Sickness, Financial, Emotional and Relationships

Prayer for Healing Finances

Are you financially broke or suffering under a burden of debt?  We’ve written the following article and prayer for you to give some guidance for

Prayer for healing in finances

healing your finances.

Every person in one way or the other struggle in the area of finances at some point in his/her life. Christians are not exempted from this predicament despite observing great financial measures and much self-discipline and self-control on our part.

We strive to make both ends meet, we juggle second jobs, we budget our salary as frugal as possible only to be confronted with lack, depletion, and money woes. Our home mortgage or rent is a monthly headache not to mention the utility bills and other household and family expenses. If we are earning a particular amount monthly, then our bills are almost double. To our distress, we depend on credit cards and other loans only to go deeper in a tumult of debts.

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Prayer for Healing Wounded Relationships

Have you experienced having wounded relationships? Do you want God to heal those relationships? If yes, please continue reading this prayer for healing wounded relationships for you to be guided properly.

Every person is unique and created differently by God. Each of us has a distinguishing mark, quality or characteristic in our body, temperament or personality make-up, mindset, habits, inclinations, and choices. No two persons are created exactly the same even identical twins. As such, we carry ourselves differently and approach things and life accordingly.

Inside the basic unit of the society which is the family, the married couple relate to each other as husband and wife. Out of this covenantal union before God, they produce offspring. Parents relate in a certain way to children and vice versa. Depending on the spiritual maturity and character of parents, they rear, nurture, and nourish their sons and daughters in the ways they were raised up by their own parents. They have a set of beliefs, guidelines, and standards in enacting discipline and instilling good moral and spiritual values to their kids.

However, as their children reach a transition called adolescence, more often than not, they

Praying for broken relationships

act out and rebel against their parents and family for one reason or another. Relationship between parents to children is affected. If left unresolved, the son or daughter will reach adulthood and build his own family having a wounded relationship with father or mother or both and worse yet, with other siblings.

Either the husband or wife within the marriage life will encounter problems perhaps with the health, career, finances, or personal struggles within. Relationships will be challenged as each spouse struggle to remain or leave the marriage. Divorce, legal separation or annulment is the result of marital conflicts. Each in turn re-marries repeating cycles of pattern that last a lifetime.

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Praying for Healing

Are you wondering: Can prayer heal the sick? It is very common for us as human beings to seek for healing and comfort in times of adversity and sickness. Often times we seek this healing from some sort of great power – for Christians this great power is God, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. This quest is what we call prayer and in these times we can be found on our knees praying for healing. These prayers to heal the sick have been a great help to many who take the time to beseech from God the healing they need from sickness, the strength they need to cope with the sickness and just relief all over, whether mentally, physically or emotionally. Sometimes we may need others to send up prayers for healing for us and so we may make a request through a prayer line. Prayers to heal the sick made through this avenue can be tremendously effective as you now can draw from not only your own faith in God but also other person’s collective faith as well.

What does the bible say about healing?

What does the bible say about healing?

Often times we seek healing prayer scriptures to help to boost our faith as we pray. One such scripture can be found at Mark 10:51 in the Holy Bible. In this scripture Jesus asks the blind man: “What do you want me to do for you?” the Blind man answers: “Rabbi, I want to see.” The master granted the request of this prayer for healing by granting him is eye sight. Just the same way that Jesus asked the blind man what he wanted him to do for him, so if Jesus asking you today and all you have to do is tell him by praying for healing. Healing prayer scriptures can give you the strength you need to ask God for the exact healing that you need. Whether it is prayers for sickness and healing, prayers for financial healing, emotional healing, if there is a relationship that needs healing and mending or you need physically healing all you need to do is send up a prayer for healing and with Faith in God your prayers for sickness and healing will be answered.

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Prayer for Healing a Broken Heart

Are you brokenhearted? The following prayer is a prayer for healing a broken heart. It is a wonderful feeling to be in love but to get hurt is painful. You will learn the steps to heal your heart.

Everyone at some point fall in love. God Himself is a passionate and intimate lover. He created mankind for a love relationship and deeper intimacy with Him. The Scriptures begin with love and ends in love. In fact, God is Love Himself, the essence and epitome of love. His fullest expression of love to us is when Jesus His Son died on the Cross to save man from eternal punishment and damnation and reconcile him for an eternal destiny with Him.

Prayer to heal a broken heart

God has put love in the heart of man. Man longs for and is capable of receiving love and entering a relationship and commitment founded on love. It is love that binds man to God and man to his fellow being. Without love, nothing makes sense. What is Love?

God is Love and everything that He has done is established and grounded in love. Love means being captivated towards something or someone. Love makes you want to relate with, bless, and to be in union with another. Love is patient, kind, unselfish. When the whole world crumbles, only Love (God) remains.

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