Prayer for Healing Finances

Are you financially broke or suffering under a burden of debt?  We’ve written the following article and prayer for you to give some guidance for healing your finances.

Every person in one way or the other struggle in the area of finances at some point in his/her life. Christians are not exempted from this predicament despite observing great financial measures and much self-discipline and self-control on our part.

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Praying for Healing

Are you wondering: Can prayer heal the sick? It is very common for us as human beings to seek for healing and comfort in times of adversity and sickness. Often times we seek this healing from some sort of great power – for Christians this great power is God, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. This quest is what we call prayer and in these times we can be found on our knees praying for healing. These prayers to heal the sick have been a great help to many who take the time to beseech from God the healing they need from sickness, the strength they need to cope with the sickness and just relief all over, whether mentally, physically or emotionally. Sometimes we may need others to send up prayers for healing for us and so we may make a request through a prayer line. Prayers to heal the sick made through this avenue can be tremendously effective as you now can draw from not only your own faith in God but also other person’s collective faith as well.

What does the bible say about healing?

Often times we seek healing prayer scriptures to help to boost our faith as we pray. One such scripture can be found at Mark 10:51 in the Holy Bible. In this scripture Jesus asks the blind man: “What do you want me to do for you?” the Blind man answers: “Rabbi, I want to see.” The master granted the request of this prayer for healing by granting him is eye sight. Just the same way that Jesus asked the blind man what he wanted him to do for him, so if Jesus asking you today and all you have to do is tell him by praying for healing. Healing prayer scriptures can give you the strength you need to ask God for the exact healing that you need. Whether it is prayers for sickness and healing, prayers for financial healing, emotional healing, if there is a relationship that needs healing and mending or you need physically healing all you need to do is send up a prayer for healing and with Faith in God your prayers for sickness and healing will be answered.

Jesus was known in the Bible as the great healer and there are many healing prayer scriptures that you will find speaking of those that he healed. Do you know the story of the woman who had the “issue of blood”? It was her faith that gave her the strength to press on through the crowds until she got to Jesus. She was praying for healing and her faith was so strong that she knew that just by the simple act of touching the hem of his garment she could get that healing that she was praying for. It was the full belief that she had in the healing power of Jesus that caused her to do what she did – in this case she did not even ask! She just touched a piece of Jesus and she was made whole because she believed.

Can you recall a place in the Bible where Jesus refused to grant the request of a prayer for

healing? No, there is no record of that – then why is it that we are not getting our prayers answered you may ask? Is it that we lack the true desire to be healed, do we believe enough, will we give him the glory for the miracle he has performed in our lives? Maybe it’s just one of those things or maybe it is a combination or maybe even all but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are praying for healing and you are not seeing your prayers answered.  Ask God to heal your broken heart, to heal your heart spiritually, to heal your faith and strengthen it. Thank Him for all the good things in your life that He has blessed you with no matter how small they are. Give yourself totally to him and restart your prayers for healing.

God only wants the best for us – He sent His son to prove this to us and Jesus died on the cross for OUR sins.  Why did He do that? Because he wanted to heal us from sin, give us a way out, something to look forward to, he wanted to ease our pains and His death on the cross accomplished that. It doesn’t matter how many people you know that were praying for healing and didn’t get it. God is a loving God, he was and still is the healer and He loves us. We just need to trust him more and there should be nothing standing in our way. His death on the cross shows us that we can trust in Him with everything – He died to give us life and not life here on this earth but life anew in his courts, with his angels.

Sometimes when we are praying for healing we are doing so with an imperfect mind and are overcome with emotion. But sometimes we have to understand that God’s plans are always better than ours and if he doesn’t send the healing when you are asking for it then that may mean that He has greater things in store. The people that Jesus healed in the Bible did not live forever – neither will we. But we can rest assured in the fact that He has a plan for us and for our life after this earth is done with. Healing prayer scriptures tell us that in heaven we will get the ultimate healing – we will be made perfect. No more sadness, no more tears, no more sickness, no more pain, no more broken hearts.

God in His infinite wisdom can see the entire plan when we can only see a small part of it. Can prayer heal the sick? Yes and if we trust him fully then we do not need to fear the pain and suffering that we are praying about. Instead we need to just ensure that we make it through this life with our eyes fixed on the promise that he gave us – the promise of everlasting life if we believe in Him and believe in His word and live by it each and every day. Keep on sending up your prayers for strength and healing.  Remembering that our life here on earth is not the last thing that we will ever know as long as we live the life that the Lord wants us to live we can look forward to a new way of life – a perfect one. Where we don’t have to worry about healing because we will be permanently healed and there will be no longer the need to be praying for healing. But in the meantime, continue making use of a prayer line and continue your prayers for strength and healing.

Here is a little prayer for healing that you can use;


Lord I know that I am your child. You promised me that you will always be there whenever I need you. Lord, I thank you for your awesomeness and power, for providing for my very need. So, Lord, I come to you now praying for healing. I am in need of your help. You know my situation; I trust your divine guidance in my life. Help me O Lord; deliver me from my pain and suffering. Grant me your peace as I rest my case in your capable hands. I ask for healing, I ask for strength, I ask O Lord that you will never forsake me nor forget me. Help me now I pray, in Jesus name. Amen

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Prayer for Healing Wounded Relationships

Have you experienced having wounded relationships? Do you want God to heal those relationships? If yes, please continue reading this prayer for healing wounded relationships for you to be guided properly.

Every person is unique and created differently by God. Each of us has a distinguishing mark, quality or characteristic in our body, temperament or personality make-up, mindset, habits, inclinations, and choices. No two persons are created exactly the same even identical twins. As such, we carry ourselves differently and approach things and life accordingly.

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Prayer for Healing a Broken Heart

Are you brokenhearted? The following prayer is a prayer for healing a broken heart. It is a wonderful feeling to be in love but to get hurt is painful. You will learn the steps to heal your heart.

Everyone at some point fall in love. God Himself is a passionate and intimate lover. He created mankind for a love relationship and deeper intimacy with Him. The Scriptures begin with love and ends in love. In fact, God is Love Himself, the essence and epitome of love. His fullest expression of love to us is when Jesus His Son died on the Cross to save man from eternal punishment and damnation and reconcile him for an eternal destiny with Him.

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